What is expected of a CyberKnights Robotics Inc. volunteer?

Volunteers are required to go through a screening and interview process. Once you’ve gone through screening and interviewing, we have volunteer opportunities for everyone. There are no specific skills required, although, if you do have a skill and you are proficient in it (for example, if it’s a skill that your career is based off of) we would be interested in having your help in our robotics shop. We are constantly working to grow our team of industry-leading professional mentors so that we can provide the best possible experience to our students. Time commitment can vary based on your availability and role. 

What is the minimum donation available?

There is no minimum donation! Any amount helps us, no matter how large or small. We exist solely due to your generosity, so we thank you for your continued contributions and support.

Where are you located?

We are located in the Southington, CT area.

When are events hosted?

Events are hosted year-round. Please see our events page for a list of our current planned events.

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